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fat pig
April 26 through June 1 at the Hudson Mainstage Theater in Hollywood

Fat Pig

This sharp-witted dark comedy by Neil LaBute (Reasons to Be Pretty) skewers the American obsession with beauty by telling the story of Tom, a good-looking guy who falls in love with a smart, funny woman who happens to be overweight, and then finds himself severely tested by his judgmental friends -- not to mention his own ego. An Outer Critics Circle Award winner in its successful off-Broadway debut, this is the first production to be staged in L.A. since 2007. Jonathan Bray, Deidra Edwards, Kirsten Kollender and Nick Stabile star.


One actor in particular shines throughout, Nick Stabile, recently starring in “The Trip Back Down” gives Carter a fully explored character pivoting with ease between assclown and realist. His charm and good looks infects the role with greater believability and his harrowing moment of self reflection towards the play’s end lends itself a certain amount of understandable sympathy. Unlike the rest of the cast, Stabile intuits LaBute’s multilayered depiction and reveals it totally.” - EyeSpyLA.com

Best buddy Carter (Nick Stabile) a superbly archetypal narcissistic, perpetually adolescent male - LA Times

What makes this production (directed by Alexis Jacknow) work so well is the naturalness and chemistry of the two male leads...Nick Stabile initially plays Tom’s pal and office mate Carter as an obnoxious jerk, and there doesn’t seem to be much more to him until he starts talking about his fat mother (“a sumo wrestler in a housecoat”) and about how important it is to abide by the things that make us happy, no matter what. The production design is spare, but that keeps us focused on the excellent acting. - Culture Spot LA!

Stabile provides nasty fun as the obnoxious Carter, bringing to life every awful Yuppie cliché and making it hilarious. - Blogcritics

Stabile charms us despite his pushy mean spiritedness. - stageraw.com

Nick Stabile steals his every scene as Carter, Tom’s friend and co-worker. A real jokester, the character could come off as just smarmy and mean-spirited, but Stabile gives Carter a solid center. He really believes that the good looking deserve all the best life can offer and those not good looking don’t. He passionately conveys his outlook in two wonderfully written monologues. - haineshisway.com

Along for the ride is Tom’s work mate Carter, played with amusing sleaziness by Nick Stabile. - reviewplays.com

Nick Stabile is the wise cracking prank playing coworker “Carter” who is in utter disbelief when he learns of his friend Tom’s latest girlfriend. “Carter” is the self admitted king of shallow and reasons that his friend Tom is more similar than he wants to believe. Nick Stabile offers up a truly sensational master performance. - examiner.com


ROBBY AWARDS: Nick was nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A DRAMA. Robby Awards are given by theater critic Rob Stevens to honor "distinguished achievement in theater".

Nick Stabile, Kirsten Kollender and Jonathan Bray


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