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general hospital
ABC-TV Daytime 2016

“When you’ve got something good, hold on to it” – a regular quote that is used to describe something we should do everything in our power to keep. ‘General Hospital’ has found something good, in actor Nick Stabile who temporarily replaced Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassadine.

No doubt fans were disappointed when it was announced that Christopher was taking a temporary break but who could’ve predicted that Stabile would come and leave such an impact. Undoubtedly, Stabile did an excellent job replacing Christopher but his time came to an end with his last episode airing on July 19th.

...Should Christopher decide not to return, Stabile has proven that he’s a good permanent replacement for the role. And, even if Christopher does return Stabile has also proven that he deserves a contract role on ‘General Hospital’.

Here are the reasons! For one, Stabile had smoking hot chemistry with Maura West’s Ava Jerome. They shared one kiss that left viewers in a frenzy – talking about the new pairing they would ship and how much they matched. Ava and Nikolas could be the next popular super couple of their time...

With the possibility of Christopher’s return, ‘General Hospital’ could look into hiring Stabile for a new role, one that could be paired with Ava Jerome. This we are sure is something the viewers would love, we’ve already seen how crazy they went with that one kiss and the little ‘alone’ moments the two characters shared.

This is not Stabile’s first temporary replacement; regular daytime viewers would remember he temporarily replaced Justin Hartley in the role of Fox Crane on ‘Passions’. Like his time on ‘Passions’ he did an excellent job on GH that has left viewers talking. - MiguelJT, soapoperaspy.com 7.21.16

Fans and critics loved the chemistry between Stabile and West, clamoring to see more. - Hope Campbell, soaphub.com 7.21.16

Stabile won over plenty of fans who wouldn’t mind seeing him take over the role permanently. - Chris Eades, abcsoapsindepth.com 7.21.16

...give some props to Nick Stabile for keeping Nikolas’ storyline burning bright and moving forward during his stint on GH! - MichaelFairmansoaps.com 7.20.16

fat pig
Hudson Mainstage Theater 2014

One actor in particular shines throughout, Nick Stabile, recently starring in “The Trip Back Down” gives Carter a fully explored character pivoting with ease between assclown and realist. His charm and good looks infects the role with greater believability and his harrowing moment of self reflection towards the play’s end lends itself a certain amount of understandable sympathy. Unlike the rest of the cast, Stabile intuits LaBute’s multilayered depiction and reveals it totally.” - EyeSpyLA.com

Best buddy Carter (Nick Stabile) a superbly archetypal narcissistic, perpetually adolescent male - LA Times

What makes this production (directed by Alexis Jacknow) work so well is the naturalness and chemistry of the two male leads...Nick Stabile initially plays Tom’s pal and office mate Carter as an obnoxious jerk, and there doesn’t seem to be much more to him until he starts talking about his fat mother (“a sumo wrestler in a housecoat”) and about how important it is to abide by the things that make us happy, no matter what. The production design is spare, but that keeps us focused on the excellent acting. - Culture Spot LA!

Stabile provides nasty fun as the obnoxious Carter, bringing to life every awful Yuppie cliché and making it hilarious. - Blogcritics

Stabile charms us despite his pushy mean spiritedness. - stageraw.com

Nick Stabile steals his every scene as Carter, Tom’s friend and co-worker. A real jokester, the character could come off as just smarmy and mean-spirited, but Stabile gives Carter a solid center. He really believes that the good looking deserve all the best life can offer and those not good looking don’t. He passionately conveys his outlook in two wonderfully written monologues. - haineshisway.com

Along for the ride is Tom’s work mate Carter, played with amusing sleaziness by Nick Stabile. - reviewplays.com

Nick Stabile is the wise cracking prank playing coworker “Carter” who is in utter disbelief when he learns of his friend Tom’s latest girlfriend. “Carter” is the self admitted king of shallow and reasons that his friend Tom is more similar than he wants to believe. Nick Stabile offers up a truly sensational master performance. - examiner.com

trip back down
Whitefire Theater 2014

Nick Stabile stars as Bobby Horvath. Stabile comes to the show with an MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory and an impressive list of film and television credits. His performance on stage at the Whitefire Theatre in “The Trip Back Down” is a full bore exhibition of how the craft is correctly executed. He is superb. - Ron Irwin, examiner.com

NBC-TV Daytime 2004

Passions could have been burned by temporarily recasting the beloved Justin and Lindsay Hartley (Fox and Theresa), but hiring Sunset Beach vets Priscilla Garita and Nick Stabile turned out to be a day at the beach.

The aim of pinch-hitters is to go unnoticed, and Stabile and Garita have blended right in. They seamlessly transitioned into their roles from the first moments we saw tempFox eavesdropping on Alistair and Juilan and tempTheresa lying in hospital beds. How long did it take viewers to notice a difference?

While Garita and Stabile look strikingly similar to the Hartleys, it takes more than lighting, makeup and costumes to make a good recast. It takes acting. And these two are up to the task. While being physically similar, no one should have expected Garita or Stabile to clone the Hartleys' acting styles, and both are bringing new and interesting facets to the roles. Garita shades fan-favorite Theresa with more of a dark side. Stabile possesses Fox's trademark humor and backbone, but that humor has his distinctive flavor, and he can convey Fox's thoughts with a mere glance. These two are doing a fine job keeping the characters vibrant while the Hartleys are away.

The sun has set on these two Beachers once before, but here's hoping Garita and Stabile will wash up on another shore. Or perhaps Passions could find them other roles. Noah Bennett, anyone? Or maybe there's another long-lost Lopez-Fitzgerald floating around out there. - EB - Soap Opera Weekly 9.28.04

nancy drew
ABC-TV © 2002

"Ned's role in the movie is rather different from his role in the books. It is a small role that Nick Stabile plays well, looking the distinguished and dapper Ned." - Review from the Nancy Drew Sleuths website

santa jr.
Hallmark Channel © 2002

"Nick Stabile does the best job as a young guy saddled with a huge job but also deals with the fact he's lost the Christmas spirit."
IMDB user comments, www. imdb.com

"Nick Stabile makes a wonderful Chris and his performance is full of charm and humour that makes Santa Jr a very appealing character. His scenes of swapping "traditional Christmas practices", for "modern tecnology" such as a "modified" Santa suit more acclimatised for the warm San Diego Christmas and a "meter reader" that can tell if people have been "naughty or nice" this year are most amusing and he is the actor that really makes this film so enjoyable...Nick Stabile is the real reason for enjoying this movie and his fresh and breezy delivery make it an enjoyable hour and a half." - Customer Review, Amazon.com

"...Stabile and Gale are skillful comic foils..." - Robert Pardi (TV Guide Online)

the beach boys, an american family
ABC-TV © 2000

I was very impressed with the body language factor that Nick tuned into without much preparation time. He instinctively knew how Dennis carried himself, and found the same edge that was Dennis' constant companion. By the way, many of Dennis' own family and friends were also amazed at Nick's physical similarity to Denny on screen. Nick...was born to play Dennis." - Jon Stebbins, author of "Dennis Wilson, The Real Beach Boy"

"Actor Nick Stabile does and excellent job of capturing Dennis Wilson’s raw energy..." - Wendy Case, The Detroit News

"Nick Stabile does a great job as the charismatic Dennis Wilson..." - Rick Ellis (February 2000)

"The casting was really spectacular. Nick Stabile really did a nice job." - John Stamos (Producer of The Beach Boys, An American Family

"...if you a Dennis Wilson fan, then i would consider seeing "An American Family" b/c Nick Stabile portrays Dennis really well." - Customer Review, Amazon.com (for the movie "Summer Dreams"

bride of chucky
Universal City Studio Productions © 1998

"Stabile has matured into a quietly self assured screen hero imagine (if you can) a younger, Gentler Marlon Brando bitch-slapping a demonic doll." - Justine Elias, Interview Magazine

"Newcomer Nick Stabile appeared in TV’s Sunset Beach but he proves he has major star qualities and acting ability. Granted, horror films aren’t likely to get him far, but he’s got an impressive physique that Hollywood execs like so much. And he’s talented to boot." - Online movie review, www.aros.net

"Katherine Heigl and Nick Stabile play the roles of Jade and Jesse, the young newlyweds who unwittingly become the homicidal duo's accomplices. "We saw dozens of young, talented and attractive actors before we found Nick and Katherine, but it was apparent from the moment they read together that they were our young heros," recalls executive producer Corey Sienega. "We had seen them both individually and were very impressed, but when we tested them together we saw there was a real chemistry - a magic, if you will - between them that made them believable as a desperate young couple in love." - Universal City Studio Productions, Inc. © 1998

...I say the acting is surprisingly good because of the (relatively) young co-stars Katherine Heigl and Nick Stabile. They have had to work with puppets not real life actors. This can be especially hard because there will be very little natural reaction that they can have with the main characters they are working with. Yet even if they are new to this it doesn't show and they act it out in a very convincing way." -
Customer Review, doo you?

"A surprisingly good picture! Jennifer Tilly is wonderful, and those of you who stopped watching NBC's soap "Sunset Beach" after Ben's evil twin killed off Nick Stabile's character (you may recall him as the one who could actually act) will be dee-lighted to see him in this." - ©1998 & 1999 by Jaundiced Eye Productions. All rights reserved.

"Nick Stabile (Jessee) also does good, his chemistry with Heigl works and chicks will dig his 6-pack." - Arrow in the Head Reviews © JoBlo Media Inc.

sunset beach
NBC-TV© 1997

"Though the (Sunset Beach) cast is chock full of talented newcomers, industry insiders have pegged Stabile...as the one to watch." -
Adam Kelley, Soap Opera Digest

"Stabile’s departure from the series via the scream-like Terror Island storyline (which climaxed with his character’s untimely death) helped boost Sunset Beach’s rating to an all-time high. Mark’s brutal death also initiated a groundswell of fan support that continues to this day. -
Universal City Studio Productions, Inc. © 1998


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